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 "I Earned over $100K "

"I stepped out on Faith and left my Full-Time Job to give all my attention to my tax business. I made the right choice because I've been WINNING every since. Currently  I have two locations and my goal is to open more tax firms state to state. TPE has opened many doors filled with growth & financial blessings for me and my family! TPE provides the blue print to success. Trust the Process!" 


Alana Tucker, TaxPrep Evolution - Tucker Firm | Austell, GA & Birmingham, AL 


  "I'm a Six-Figure Earner with TPE"

"When I first started with TPE as a tax business owner I wasn't sure what to do, but that soon changed! TPE is the only company I’ve ever been associated with that guides you step by step on how to run a successful business and provide continued support the entire way! They assisted me with my marketing plan and that took my revenue to another level. I am honored to have the opportunity to be in business with an organization that is committed to the success of its partners!"   


Tiffany Mayfield, TaxPrep Evolution - Mayfield Firm | Houston, TX 


“Four years ago an opportunity was presented to me start my tax business . I was not sure about it because for 22 years I worked in the Juvenile Justice System. This was completely out of my comfort zone! I started with tax office in a small side space adjacent to our barber shop. I now have a stand alone beautiful office and was able to resign from my 22 year career that I adored. TPE pushed me into financial freedom and has created so many other opportunities for me to grow in the financial service industry!!!!”

-Jaryl Holmes, TaxPrep Evolution - Holmes Firm | Hiram, GA


" I took a tax class in 2012 and pretty much worked out of living room for years. In December of 2016 I ran across Alniesha Carter on a live with Neko Cheri . As I watched the live I started to feel inspired by this lady who was making POWER moves, I reached out to her via messenger not even thinking that this woman would respond but she did! She called me and we talked a couple of hours. At this time she wasn’t even taking anymore new franchises... but she made an exception for me based on that conversation and for that I am grateful! I wanted to be apart of this Evolution...She made FORBES MAGAZINE last year...1st African American Woman with her own tax if that isn’t Powerful! You just never know when God will place genuine people in your life. I’ve been a full-time Enterprenuer since that date in December 2016. She Fueled me and the fact that she is only a phone call away at any time..I’m Grateful! TPE4LIFE"

LaShawn Atkisson-Cole, TaxPrep Evolution-Cole Firm| Indianapolis, IN


"Joining TaxPrep Evolution was nothing short of Amazing. It was a testimony of ask and you shall receive. Before joining Taxprep Evolution I was preparing tax returns out of my home using Turbo Tax which was ok at the time but I knew I wanted more for myself. The software became a headache to deal with and I was also tired of having to chase people down for my money. I had written down a few goals that I wanted to accomplish and one of them was to purchase some kind of professional tax software and to own my very own tax business. I called Alniesha and we talked for hours as if we have known each other for years. That was 6 years ago. This was the best decision I ever made. We have the best leader, support staff and team. Rather you have been preparing taxes for over 20 years (like me) or have never prepared a tax return in your life this team, software and the support will guide you through everything you will need to have a successful tax business. The income that you can earn is unlimited. SO WRITE THE VISION AND WATCH IT COME TRUE!


- Amy Thompson, TaxPrep Evolution - Thompson Firm | Chicago, IL


I'm a"I joined TPE in 2019 and started my virtual tax business with no experience. I remember signing up with another tax company, but was invited to join one of TPE zoom calls. I was so impressed after learning what TPE had to offer. The professionalism, support, and market tools are beneficial to help you become successful in the tax industry. I’m excited about the choice I made."


- Tonya Walker, TaxPrep Evolution - Virtual Tax Preparer


"TPE changed my Life! "

 "With over 10 years of previous tax experience working from home, TPE gave me the blue print to open and run a successful tax firm.  In every business you have to have support and you must market to gain clients! TPE support and marketing material and resources are unmatched! I was Awarded Top Marketer two years in a row and currently have two locations.  My firm takes pride in educating clients and providing a great tax experience.  The tools and guidance that you need to operate a successful business is here at TPE."        


-Jamarrion Tabor, TaxPrep Evolution - Tabor Firm | Powder Springs, GA 


"I’ve been preparing taxes since I was 16 for family and friends but never considered preparing in a professional setting. I was introduced to TPE 5 years ago and it has truly changed my life! I was awarded the Vision Carrier Award because I’ve always believed in Alniesha Carter’s vision for TPE! As a single mother, this company has truly been a blessing to me and my children! This company provides all the tools for success from being compliant, structure, marketing and expanding!"


- April Lambert, TaxPrep Evolution - Lambert Firm | Spanish Fort, AL


"I had never dreamed or thought about starting a tax business. When I was introduced to the opportunity to become a VTP, I wasn’t sure if it was something I could do. After learning about what’s offered to help you be successful in the tax business – Training, full time support, tools, resources, marketing, experienced tax experts ready and willing to share knowledge and much more, I figured with a blueprint already laid out, you can’t lose. I am very happy I made the decision to become a partner with TPE. It’s my passion to serve and help individuals and families, and TPE is a wonderful platform to do so. The sky's the limit in this business. I look forward to continued growth in my tax business and partnership with TPE."

- Vesmiene Ceasor, TaxPrep Evolutin

Virtual Tax Preparer

" I never thought that I would be providing tax services to the masses. I understood the concept, but I wasn’t fully vested in the practice. This was only until I discovered Alniesha Carter and TaxPrep Evolution (TPE). After researching this phenomenal woman and game changer in the industry, I was SOLD! Talk about knowledge? She has it! Talk about support? She gives it! I was so scared and didn’t know if I could actually do it, but it literally took ONE conversation with this powerhouse and I felt like I could conquer the world! I became IRS certified through this company’s phenomenal training and not only does the staff make sure that you are ok and feeling confident in your studies, but Alniesha is completely “hands on”! She is the epitome of a “Servant Leader” and I thank God for her and her leadership. I am TPE for life and can’t wait to serve you!"


- Shameka Sampson, TaxPrep Evolution Virtual Tax Preparer

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